"In my entire career, spanning over a decade, I've never submitted a video to a record label and had everyone unanimously agree that it was perfect, with no changes needed, until my first collaboration with Shlomotions. Whether it's seamlessly transitioning between different shows and rehearsals for one music video or shooting and editing an entire professional feature film with a minimal budget, it's been a pleasure witnessing Shlomo pull off what I would have thought was impossible."

- Matisyahu

"Shlomo's got great artistic sensitivity while filming and understands how to get the right moods while editing; he really helps my music shine through video."

- Oz Noy


"The best decision I made at my wedding…aside from marrying my husband…was hiring Shlomo Weprin as my Videographer!   Words cannot describe how impressed I was with his services.  Polished, poised, professional yet discrete, Shlomo was in all the right places at all the right times, yet nearly invisible to the guests at the wedding.  Sweet, engaging and extremely client-focused, Shlomo was effortless to work with and willing to accommodate my ever-changing needs.  His approach was fresh, new, innovative and dynamic, yet his longevity in the industry solidified his excellence for his craft.

My final products were nothing shy of absolute works of art.  Both videos - long and short - brought family members, friends, and Facebook followers to tears.  He really has a gift - perfectly matching music to moments - bringing my wedding to life nearly two years after the celebration.   I cherish the memories he was able to capture so beautifully.  Without question, I would recommend Shlomotions with the highest degree of excellence and hope any soon-to-be bride has the pleasure of working with such a talented, creative and outstanding professional. With Tremendous Appreciation for His Work,

- Jessie Levine


"Shlomo Weprin is tapped into something special. Aside from his technical skills, he's magically able to capture the perfect footage that only happens to the luckiest of people. While working with him, I've witnessed miracles appear in front of his lens that most filmmakers have to wait hours to get. He has a certain synchronicity with cinema that's truly inspiring to watch."

- Will Schwerd
"Undercurrent" the film