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Music Videos

Matisyahu -
"Back to the Old"

Matisyahu -
"Step Out into the Light

Y-Studs - "Seder"

Y-Studs - "Rise Up"

Y- Studs - "La La Passover"

Y- Studs -
"Evolution of Jewish Music"

Zeev Horowitz - "Shake it Out
Don't Keep It In"

Naftali Blumenthal -
"Life of Meaning"

Gedalia Penner -
"Baruch Hagever"

In Studio Music Videos

Stevie Wonder Medley

Marvin Gaye Medley

Oz Noy's Making of the Album
"Who Gives a Funk"

Oz Noy - "Flashback"

Matisyahu's Making of the Album
"Undercurrent" Part 2
Matisyahu's Making of the Album
"Undercurrent" Part 3 (Vocals)

Music Documentary

Matisyahu in Jerusalem
Mini Doc

G-nome Project @
Camp Bisco Mini Doc

G-nome Project - "Pure Imagination"
@ Wildwoods Music Festival

Matisyahu in San Diego 2017

Matisyahu in New Orleans 2017

Matisyahu in Richmond, VA 2017

Live Performance

G-nome Project - "Onflict>
Mouse Kingdom Live @ Fontanas

Matisyahu - "Searching"

Matisyahu - "Close my Eyes"

Distant Cousins - "Are you Ready"
(On Your Own)
Moose Convention Live @
The Canal Room Teaser

Soul Farm - "Pass it to You"